We can help you with CCTV systems and much more in Western Australia

CCTV systems, alarm systems and access systems. These are some of the things you can call Satellite Security Services Pty Ltd for and our expert team in Western Australia can tailor a solution to suit your needs. CCTV systems can give you that peace of mind knowing that you can refer back to camera footage after any incidence occurs. To help the people of Western Australia with their security, we have provided some handy hints and tips to ensure that their families and businesses are as safe as possible.

External precautions

  • Cut back shrubs and bushes near windows and doors. They are perfect hiding places for intending house breakers
  • Lock all garage doors and windows at night
  • Ladders and tools, useful to gain entry, should be locked inside garage
  • Be observant of people or vehicles lingering near your residence as suggested in most neighbourhood Watch Programmes
  • If your residence appears to have been burglarised or you disturb intruders, summon police assistance
  • Never enter the premises alone
One of our CCTV systems in Western Australia

Protect your valuables

  • Valuable jewellery should be photographed, preferably in colour
  • Mark your valuables for easy identification by the police
  • List all valuables by make, model and a serial number
  • Do not leave jewellery in a jewellery box on your dressing table

Family tips

  • Never have your first name on the letter box or door bell. Use your initials
  • Do not list your name as “Miss” or “Mrs” etc., in the phone book or on the letter box
  • If a husband travels extensively, consider installing an intercom system at the front and rear doors to monitor callers
  • Consider carrying a personal “panic button” alarm. Persons alone should never open the door unless they know who is on the other side
  • Children should be taught not to open the door to strangers and if by themselves they should not indicate they are alone
  • Same applies with telephone calls

Secure your doors

  • Install reliable security doors on main external entrances
  • Main door should have a wide angle peep-hole or interview grill and a safety chain
  • Door hinges should be mounted so that pins cannot be removed
  • Fit deadlocks on all external doors
  • When moving in to your home or apartment, install new locks on entrance doors
  • Never open your door automatically to anyone who knocks or rings
  • Never leave notes that indicate your absence
  • Always take your door key with you, do not hide it, and never put your name and address on your key ring

Secure your windows

  • Fit window locks or stops on all windows
  • Locks should be a type that cannot be opened if glass is broken
  • Blinds and drapes should be closed at night
  • It should never be apparent to anyone on the street that you are alone

Consider an alarm system

  • Consider fitting an alarm system
  • A survey from a reputable security company, a member of ASIAL, is obligation free and costs nothing
  • If you install an alarm system, use transfers or stickers to show that it exists
  • Test your alarm regularly
  • Provide your friend or alarm company with the keys to your home and alarm to enable investigation by police if your home is entered by thieves or vandals

Service calls

  • Ask for identification from service callers, such as tradesmen, delivery people, etc
  • Call the company they claim to represent and verify their identity, if in doubt
  • If they cannot provide identification, call the police
  • Beware of people knocking on the door asking for people who do not live in the street. If you see them knocking on other doors on your street, call the police

While away on holidays

  • Do not leave money or valuables in drawers, if you must keep these in the home, consider installing a reliable safe
  • Never publicly discuss contents of your home or family plans
  • Check that all windows and doors are locked
  • Consider having a time clock to switch on some lights or leave some lighting on. We also suggest you leave your refrigerator on
  • The thief may check the meter box to determine if any power is being used and assume that house is being occupied
  • Cancel papers, milk, bread or any other deliveries
  • Ask the post office to hold your mail, if your absence is for a long period
  • An empty car port can be a give-away, have a friend or neighbour park there if possible
  • Arrange for the garden to be maintained and to have the lawns mowed
  • Have your rubbish bin put out and returned by a neighbour
  • Leave a key with a friend or relative; ask them to check the house regularly and to re-arrange curtains and blinds

Telephone calls

  • Keep a list of general and emergency numbers by the telephone
  • If dialling “000″ state the emergency service you require and give your name and location clearly
  • Do not identify yourself when answering the telephone unless you are positive of the identity of the caller
  • When using the telephone, never let the caller know you are home alone

So if you have any questions about CCTV systems, or any of the other services offered, speak with us in Western Australia today.